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Answers To Your Questions

  • How does Harmony Weight Loss work?
    For eligible patients, our online weight loss doctors prescribe GLP-1/semaglutide, the active ingredient in FDA-approved Ozempic® and Wegovy®. Semaglutide works by mimicking a natural hormone that targets a region of the brain that affects hunger and appetite. It also affects how fast food moves through your GI tract. So, patients taking semaglutide have less hunger and cravings. As a result, they eat less and lose weight.
  • How much does Harmony Weight Loss cost?
    Our doctor-prescribed medication weight loss program requires a $279 per month membership fee. The fee covers your telehealth appointment with a Harmony Weight Loss provider and the cost of your GLP-1 medication, semaglutide. There are no additional fees whatsoever, and you do not need insurance.
  • How do I take my weight loss medication?
    The GLP-1 medication, semaglutide, that we prescribe at Harmony Weight Loss requires a self-administered injection. Your home-delivery will include syringes topped with a super-thin needle. To learn how to give yourself a subcutaneous injection of semaglutide, you can watch this step-by-step video. And if you need more help, one of our providers can assist you through a telehealth appointment at no additional cost.
  • How much weight can I lose?
    People taking the GLP-1 medication, semaglutide, lose between 10% and 20% of their body weight. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you can expect to lose 20 to 40 pounds. Most patients lose 2% of their body weight in the first six weeks of taking semaglutide.
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Absolutely! If you’re not satisfied with Harmony Weight Loss and our GLP-1 / Semaglutide weight loss program, then you can cancel your membership at any time. Once you cancel, you will no longer be charged your monthly membership fee, and you will not receive any additional shipments of semaglutide.
  • Does Harmony Weight Loss use real medication?
    Yes. Harmony Weight Loss uses a licensed compounding pharmacy that creates semaglutide in a sterile environment using top-quality ingredients. The semaglutide you receive will come directly from the compounding pharmacy we work with, Compounding Pharmacy of America. Please note, the medication we prescribe is a generic, compounded formulation and is not associated with Novo Nordisk™ or the brand-name medications Wegovy® or Ozempic®.
  • Where does Harmony Weight Loss provide services?
    Harmony Weight Loss is a telehealth provider. All patient appointments take place over the phone or on a video call. We currently only provide telehealth services and prescribe medication for patients in Florida. If you live outside of Florida, check back in a few months to see if we have expanded to your area.

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